MORE, a children's picture book, has fresh illustrations and a positive message. The concept behind the book addresses the idea that children ask for more of various material items, however, there are so many intangible things that have intrinsic value. Framing the message with a positive outlook, MORE asks us to reconsider the word "more" and focuses on what we need more of rather than telling children what we do not need. The book does not talk down to its audience, as it uses interesting verbiage and the illustrations keep both children and adults engaged.

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Gabe Godin

With a background in fine arts, graphic design and education, my work has evolved to create meaning and dialog between myself and my audience. I focus on relationships with individuals and the world that we live, asking us to consider and question the circumstances that we are presented with on a day to day basis.

I have a profound interest in color and space and how it can be used in various ways to create mood and set a tone. In the past, I would explore how color could create space by using different hues, layering different shapes over each other while working with a monochromatic palette. Over time, this theme evolved with my work as I began to work with the figure and became interested in how color could act in an expressive and suggestive manner.

Each day has brought me new ideas. While I continue down the path of an educator, I hope to find new ways to explore and create work that is both visually and conceptually engaging, and reflects the various relationships that I take part in on a day-to-day basis.